Board of Directors

Leadership 2014

The ACHSA Board is comprised of health professionals from correctional medical, mental health, dental, administration, academia, and pharmaceutical arenas. Board members serve for two years, and may be re-elected once for an additional term in that office. Elections are held yearly in November-December, with the new Board members taking office in January. The Board terms are staggered to allow for continuity, so that in any given year, only a portion of the Board may be replaced.

Title  Name Years Served
 President  Gayle Burrow, BSN, MPH, CCHP-RN  2013-2015
 Past President  Mary Raines, RN, BSN, CCHP  2013-2015
 President-Elect  Open  2013-2015
 Secretary  Inez Tann, RN, BS, CCHP  2013-2015
 Treasurer  Susan Hatfield, RN, MS, FNP-C, CCHP  2013-2015
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 Director  Clyde E. Maxwell, Jr., FACHE, CCHP  2013-2015
 Director  Rhonda Lemons-Williams, DDS  2013-2015
 Director  Open  2012-2014
 Director  Louis Fairfield, RPh, MBA  2012-2014
 Director  Open  2013-2015
 Director  Open  2012-2014
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 Council of Chapters  Open
 NCCHC Liaison  JoRene Kerns, RN
 CORHEALTH Editor-in-Chief
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Executive Director Stephen Mitchell, DMD, GPR
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Past Presidents of ACHSA