The 2015-2016 Oregon Chapter is led by the following:

Title Name Years Served
President Niki Kelley
Past President Lynne Wiley
President-Elect Vacant
Treasurer Gayle Burrow
Secretary Lilli Kuhlman 
Conference and Vendor Planner Margaret Collatt
Director Rosanne Harmon
Director Vacant

Oregon Chapter 2015 Spring Conference Report

The Spring Conference in Hood River Oregon on the Columbia River was fun and a learning experience for over 32 Oregon attendees from the state jails, prisons and juvenile facilities. Under the theme of “Learning is the Bridge to Practice”, they learned about health disparities, acute coronary syndrome, schizophrenia and how to de-escalate situations. Some sessions called “Brief Topics” focused on cirrhosis, Hepatitis C and hyperlipidemia. We also had an important talk about boundary issues, violations and ethics – a topic we all need to learn about to protect our practices. A highlight of the conference was the entertainment after the banquet. We had “Minute to Win It” after the TV show and it was so much fun and everyone was able to participate. As learning is fine when surrounded by correctional healthcare professionals.