Oregon Chapter Conference

Oregon Chapter Enjoys Standards, Skills and Spirit at the Fall Conference.
29 attendees from around Oregon and one from Arizona, enjoyed being together in a real nice setting in Central Oregon.  The conference facilities are next to a large
casino with good entertainment, food and great rooms.

Our focus on standards and skills opened up learning in the new PREA standards and the health staff training that is mandatory for all in 2013-2014.  We had a presentation by Margaret Collatt and saw some videos from NCCHC and a powerful testimony
by an x-prison inmate who was abused and is telling his story.  Not
a dry eye in the place for sure.

Dr. Susan Jones, from Colorado, gave us an overview of her doctoral dissertation on boundary violations in the corrections setting and it enlightened us that no one is immune to getting involved with our patients. It takes self awareness and knowing the policies and procedures to remain professional in all practice areas.
Catherine Knox gave us an overview of the new ANA Standards for Correctional Nursing Practice and how they can be integrated into everyday practice and improve standards of care.
The next day was spent learning about HIV and HCV treatment, skin lesions (lots of great pictures we all love to see), wound care and wound care products review.  A small CQI segment reminded everyone to be a part of improving things in their practice and everyone can be a part of quality improvement.

We all enjoyed the time to meet each other and share.  We also have 16 new ACHSA members from Oregon.  2014 will bring us back together in the Spring in Central Oregon again, to Village Green Resort, south of Eugene.  It is beautiful in the Spring with gardens ready to bloom.  You can see the gardens from the conference
room.  This setting is a peaceful way to learn.


The 2013-2014 Oregon Chapter is led by the following Officers and Board of Directors:

President – Jeannie Chesney
Past President – Deanie Scott
President-Elect – Lynne Wiley
Treasurer – Gayle Burrow
Secretary – Mary Raines
Director – Roseanne Harmon
Director – Niki Kelley
Director – Margaret Collatt